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  • The Jupeng Bio Process

    The Jupeng Bio's proprietary technology is a highly innovative thermo-chemical and bio-chemical process that converts low cost carbon materials into advanced biofuel and renewable power. Central to the Jupeng Bio technology platform is a highly selective, highly efficient, proprietary biochemical conversion of synthesis gas to ethanol. The inspired use of a bacterial biocatalyst is the essential key to unlocking the value chains from a variety of low-cost, waste carbon materials.

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    The fermentation step is at the heart of the Jupeng Bio process technology. Syngas is introduced into the Jupeng Bio patented fermentation process, where naturally occurring bacteria efficiently, selectively and rapidly convert it into bioethanol.

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    The oxygen-blown gasification technology used in the Jupeng Bio process suppresses the formation of dioxins and furans as a result of the reducing environment in the gasifier. Additionally, any dioxins and furans that are formed are destroyed through exposure to high temperature and residence time in the upper part of the gasifier.

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    The Jupeng Bio Ethanol technology converts a wide range of low cost, organic materials, including household and commercial wastes, into bioethanol for use as a renewable road transport fuel or petrochemical intermediate.

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